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Our mission: To employ a holistic approach to the well-being of individuals, families, and the community.

Our vision is created upon a commitment to provide for all individuals, a holistic approach to facilitate wellness of self, family, and the community. OMA will integrate a variety of healing and therapeutic modalities in the areas of wellness, fitness, health, therapeutic, and educational programs. The Center and future Retreat Center and Day Spa will be open to a diverse generational, cultural, and socioeconomic  population. OMA will also reach out beyond the boundaries of this community to integrate businesses, universities, and medical facilities to create a liaison network for referrals.

OMA will begin its journey with a Lecture Series.  Our future plans for the Center, Retreat Center, and  Day Spa will be dependent on future funding from a variety of resources. Please visit the Programs section for more information about our current and future programs.