Our Vision

Our vision is created upon a commitment to provide for all individuals, a holistic approach to facilitate wellness of self, family, and the community. OMA will integrate a variety of healing and therapeutic modalities in the areas of wellness, fitness, health, therapeutic and educational programs.

The Center and future Retreat Center and Day Spa will be open to a diverse generational, cultural and socioeconomic population. OMA will also reach out beyond the boundaries of this community to integrate businesses, universities and medical facilities to create a liaison network for referrals.

About OMA

By Gail Hunter, LCSW, BCD

OMA Center for Mind, Body, and Spirit began about 15 years ago as a vision of an inner city community wellness center and a rural retreat center that would complement each other. Both would provide holistic services for anyone regardless of their socioeconomic, cultural, or spiritual/religious background.

I have been ‘holding’ this vision as  a picture within a loving, grateful, and positive energy field since that time. Around four years ago as I began to share my vision, what began to manifest was the appearance of one amazing person after another who each brought their own unique skills, experience, and passion to the development of OMA.

I have always believed and taught others that when you hold a picture of what you seek and envision it with gratitude as if it has already happened, it will then manifest. Thank you to all those who ‘heard’ my vision and have been working diligently to create OMA.

Our name OMA represents the Ohio, Monongahela, and Allegheny Rivers at the Point in Pittsburgh. It is an unusual occurrence in nature for two rivers to join at a geographical point to form a third river. I have been blessed to experience many ‘unusual’ occurrences of how the amazing  power of love, faith, and creativity can promote healing within us and then manifest as energetic connections to those around us. I believe that this same possibility lives and begins within each of us.