InflexionPoint Podcast


Creating a Brave Space for Conversations about Personal Transformation, Racism, and Accountability

Host: Anita Russell
Co-Hosts: Mavis BaumanGail Hunter LCSW

Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday 3PM PT / 6PM ET

SPECIAL VIDEO EPISODE (December 30, 2021)
The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!
When Paths Converge and Women Rise with special guest hosts Anita Russell, Mavis Bauman, and Gail Hunter
Meet Anita Russell, Mavis Bauman, and Gail Hunter. Discover the backstory of three wise women who concocted InflexionPoint Podcast, a brave space for conversation about racism, personal transformation, and accountability. Join Anita, Mavis and Gail as they sit in as guest hosts for this episode of The Dr. Pat Show.
November 16, 2022: The Legacy of Black Farmers in New York State
November 3rd, 2022: The Plight of Black Farmers in the US
October 19th, 2022: A Long Talk About An Uncomfortable Truth
October 5th, 2022: Our First Year in Review: A Look Back and a Look Forward
September 21st, 2022: Who Is Allison Gaines? And Why Should You Care?
September 9, 2022: Internalized Racism Definition and Reality
August 17th, 2022: Fighting for Freedom Denied Part 3 – The Navy in Black and White
August 3rd, 2022: Juneteenth: A Cause for Celebration and a Need for Education Part 2
July 20th, 2022: Fighting for Freedom Denied – Military Transitions
June 1st, 2022: Redlining: The Scourge of the American Scam
Episode 15, May 17th, 2022: Being Black Globally: Musings of an Intellectual Brother
Episode 14, May 4th, 2022: Racism Is a Disruptor of Health & Wellness Part 3
Episode 13, April 20th, 2022: Racism Is a Disruptor of Health & Wellness Part 2
Episode 12, April 6th, 2022: Racism Is a Disruptor of Health & Wellness
Episode 11, March 6th, 2022: Being Black Globally
Episode 10, February 16th, 2022: Creating Identity Constructs, with guest Michael Williams, hailing from North Carolina.
Episode 9, February 3rd, 2022: Identity and Personal Connections Across Multiple Decades
Episode 8, February 2nd, 2022: Identity and the Power of a Movement Part 2
January 31st, 2022 Feature: Anita, Mavis, and Gail Featured on The Dr. Pat Show
Activism through Coaching Is a Grassroots Movement
January 19th, 2022 episode: Identity and Personal Connections Across 3 Decades
December 15th, 2021 episode: Identity Theft: Enslavement and the Power of (re)Naming
November 17th, 2021 episode: Question of the Hour: How is birthright defined?
November 3rd, 2021 episode: Evolution of the Cairo Question
Enter a brave space to ponder solving The Cairo Question. Engage in dialogue based on the premise that dismantling racism goes beyond laws and legislation or politics or economics. It’s an inside job where personal transformation and accountability impact social change in multiple dimensions: individual, interpersonal, systemic, and structural. It’s a place to get comfortable with deconstructing your inner thoughts, ideas, and beliefs to examine what flows out into the world through your words, actions, and behaviors, particularly towards others who are different from yourself.

Join this journey towards antiracism and cultivating change from the inside out. In this episode you will get to know Anita Russell, the creator and host of InflexionPoint Podcast. You’ll also get to know the co-hosts, Mavis Bauman, and Gail Hunter. Together they make up an online Antiracism Mastermind Group.

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