Meditate every day for thirty—no, sixty—days, and your whole life will look different. So spoke Barbara Sanson, who has run the healing temple at Lily Dale Assembly for twenty-six years, at a workshop entitled “Spiritual Healing.” Many of us imagined we were there for the “how to” details of “doing” […]

Love, Clarified

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I hope your year will be filled with abundance of all that you are manifesting.  This past year has been one of complexity & amazement/shock; joy & sadness; excitement & anxiety for me, family, friends, and for many in this country and the world.  My prayer that I extend to […]

Wishing you a Joyful, Loving and Blessed New Year!

“There is a place deep in your soul where a little seed rests. This seed is your amazing potential. Each time you push yourself, each time you breathe a true deep breath, each time you reach your hands to the stars, you nourish that little seed and feed your soul.” […]

Feeding Your Soul

..that everything you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, or sense in any way is an aspect of Divinity. It is when you judge it to be something else that it shows up as something else in your life. Therefore, judge not, and neither condemn. For that which you judge, judges […]

Finding Peace

A daylong workshop including lectures and demonstrations on various holistic healing approaches.

Quantum Healing Workshop

Some think dogs make great therapists, Here are 10 good reasons why, (Just don’t count on them when squirrels are around!)

Canines as therapists