Wishing you a Joyful New Year!

From everyone at OMA…
We wish you a safe, healthy and joyful New Year!

2020 has been a year filled with change, loss, awareness, introspection, conscious awakening, healing and possibilities, and even transformations. Every time I have stepped into a new layer of healing I can honestly feel grateful to have worked through it and I am also very glad I don’t have to repeat this past years’ layer of opportunity to learn… I believe I have learned and integrated it into my life’s learning and hopefully connected to the deeper wisdom within. I am still continuing to work through my layers for when I no longer have any left, I won’t need to be here in this human form… I still have a few issues to work through so I plan on staying here for sometime.

We all have our issues which usually revolve around the same themes. I believe our work here is to process through the layers of these issues to be able to remember the truth of who we are, who we came here to be, and that which has always lived in our core… our innate being… our soul’s wisdom.

This deeper collective truth and wisdom is always just waiting for us to stop and listen through the silence, and hear what is always accessible deep within us. When we open to work through the layers of imprints we received from others and the misalignments to distorted beliefs about ourselves, we can begin to hear a small loving voice that holds the “remembering” of this truth that always lives deep within our heart and our soul’s wisdom.

If we all are willing to look deep within our heart and soul we will remember we all come from the same Source of love, truth, and non judgement, and that we are all living collectively in this global experience. We all are one in our humanity and we have the ability to emerge from 2020 with the wisdom and desire to commit to change within ourselves, our relationships to others, to the Earth and to all humanity. This is my wish for myself and our global community—that we may awaken from this year and begin to see ourselves, see others and everything around us with a wiser and more compassionate lens.

I am grateful to all of the Board members of OMA’s Board of Directors for all of their dedicated, brilliant, committed and selfless work they have contributed to OMA, especially this year when we had to reimagine OMA and begin to offer both new and continued programs virtually.

Thank you also to all of our supporters and to all participants who have enjoyed and benefited from our programs. OMA will continue virtually with our existing and new programs and we remain committed to our Mission: Through experiential education and clinical resources, OMA provides all individuals opportunities to explore and honor one’s journey in healing and wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Life is always about change and the possibilities that can come from our own innate gift of free will of choice.  When we can remember to live our lives without judgement of self and others and with compassion for ourselves and for others then we can experience freely our one true path and the choices that will facilitate our journey. For many of us as survivors of abuse, we know that “choice” was not ours until we became adults and began to do our work to “remember” the truth of who we have always truly been and then we can begin our own journey of transformation and healing.

Imagine a world void of judgement of self and other, and filled with truth, respect, kindness, and compassion. This is a “possibility” I hold for all of us, individually and collectively.

Love, blessings and peace to all,
Gail Hunter