Falling Into You Weekend Agenda

Friday Evening 9/30/22 

6:30-9:30 Meet and Greet 

            Ice Breakers    

            Wellness Wheel ,Vision Board and breakout sessions 

            Healing Circle/ Meditation 

Saturday 10/1/22 

9:30-10:15  Angela Failor:  Donna Eden Energy Medicine 

10:30-12:30  Emily Pompei:  Women’s Wellness

12:30-1:30  Lunch 

1:30-3:00  Shawn Fertitta: Forest Therapy/Bathing

Forest Therapy or Forest Bathing is based on the Japanese practice called Shinrin-yoku. It was coined in the 1980’s when Japan was responding to a national health crisis caused by the technology boom resulting in stress-related illnesses, cancer and auto-immune diseases. Individuals would be instructed by their doctor to separate from technology and spend time in nature. Researchers studied the effects and reported what many cultures have innately known for centuries, that spending time in the natural world has positive mental, physical and emotional b enefits.

Forest Therapy is a slow, mindful walk that varies in length, but normally 2-3 hours ( We will be walking for 90 minutes). Participants will be invited to explore the natural environment through invitations (suggested activities) meant to calm the mind and awaken the senses. The experience will nurture heart-centered relationships between people and the more-than-human-world, resulting in less stress and overall happiness 

3:00-4:00   Marilyn Carpenter:  Rest & Restore with Alexander Technique 

Gravity is our friend as we experiment with practical ways to release excess tension while lying down on yoga mats with some support under the head. 

Authentic Movement: This technique is a simple form in which a mover moves with eyes closed in the presence of a witness.  It is about trusting the wisdom of the body to lead us how we want to move. 

4:00-5:00  Live Music by Bertha & the Belles 

5:00-7:00 Dinner

7:00-8:30  Healing Circle with Carla Poluha

8:30-9:30  Sound Bath Healing with Leza Vivió 

Sunday Morning 10/2/22 

7:30-8:30 Movement:Tai Chi/Alexander/Yoga with Marilyn Carpenter 

For the early risers.  We will explore gentle movement to begin our day.  Learn some simple moves that can be done anytime, as we explore other ways to let go of tension and refresh ourselves.  None of us know the size of our cup. Let’s fill our cup as we explore our world, enjoy nature and love ourselves. 

8:30-9:30  Nicole Howell:  Movement Trauma-Informed Yoga; Chakra Healing 

9:30-11:30  Robin Clarke: Writing to Heal 

As a writer, I have experienced healing and awakening by honoring my suffering, giving it voice, and seeing through adult eyes the dreams and disappointments of the child I once was and whose memories live within me. By bringing an intention of divine love for self and others, I have been able to imagine multiple perspectives on “my” experience, allowing forgiveness and compassion to transform emotions of anger, hatred, and fear into acceptance and gratitude.

This journey was not quick or easy, nor is it complete. I spent years moving through layer after layer of processing and reprocessing of trauma and hurt. Yet the results were dramatic: liberation from depression, release of deeply entrenched negative beliefs, and even physical healing of an Irritable Bowel Syndrome that had dogged me for decades. My experience taught me without a doubt that mind, heart, and body are one, and as we begin to heal one area, all are affected. 

11:30-12:30  Art/Wellness Wheel/Vision Board 

Completing Your Wellness Wheel and Vision Board