Poem, “Robin’s Meditation” by Susan Wind

We were together enjoying the beauty of nature, experiencing and exploring energy practices, and raising our vibration. Following Robin Clarke’s Saturday meditation at our weekend retreat, composing this poem was Susan’s response to the meditation and surroundings.

Robin’s Meditation…

i am a redwood tree
reaching up
to the heavens
embracing all
knowing all

my rings are small
near the core
i grab two
and move on
to the outer rings
they hold miles of truth
and knowing
of the whole
they are huge
and go on
to “foreverland”

i know mathematics
shapes and geometry
connecting the stars
into oneness
of the whole
each one touching
another one

i know colors and art
painting love
painting horrors
both hold
the polarities
to exist here
on this planet

i was a mother
had some children
knew how to nurture
knew how to love
and learned
how to share
the very cells
of my body
with another

i will speak
and i will write
and i will stand
on a stage
not with fright
but with joy
and with love
speaking to the
flock of mankind
wanting to give
from the cells
of my soul
the knowing
of the divine
and the love
that exists
for one
and for all

take it in
make it
your own
birth your soul
into your body
do it
do it right now

it’s ok
to feel good

it’s ok
to take in

it’s ok
to stop talking
and be
with yourself

it’s all ok
as it is right now

take a moment
take a breath
settle down
let it be

Susan Wind, 6/6/2024

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