Damanhur Mystery School at OMA

First Year Courses  “Opening the Self”

OMA sponsors Mystery School Courses from Damanhur, Italy in Pittsburgh PA, bringing the esoteric teachings of ancient masters to you. The Damanhur Mystery School is a journey of self-discovery and  exploration of reality with a magical and spiritual vision. Its objective is to guide us as students in seeking ourselves within and beyond, finding answers to questions that lead to a reawakening of consciousness, knowledge, and deep memories on our path to planetary enlightenment.

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Mystery schools provide an opportunity to study the world’s great ancient wisdoms and teachings in an academic setting. Such schools have long protected and preserved ancient esoteric and mystical wisdom for the benefit of humanity. Damanhur’s Mystery School is a journey of self-discovery and an exploration of reality with a magical and spiritual vision, originating from the teachings of Falco Tarassaco. This vision has revolutionized classical esotericism, making Damanhur a unique place where spirituality, social experimentation, knowledge and experience are a daily reality.

Damanhur’s Mystery School guides you to seek within and beyond yourself to find answers to questions that lead to the reawakening of consciousness. By connecting the microcosm (the self) with the macrocosm (the world and the cosmos), an opportunity is created to find your soul path through time and space, and become aware of your personal mission.

Imagine what you could learn from Damanhurian teachers who have access to carefully guarded secrets about past lives, astral travel, the mysteries of time travel and time-less-ness.

A Path of Illumination

Imagine having the opportunity to shine a light deep within you, illuminating and reactivating the transformational powers that lie slumbering within you…

Imagine unlocking mysteries and ancient secrets that have the power to accelerate your personal evolution and bring you closer to human and spiritual fulfillment

Imagine what a profound effect it would have on your life to receive knowing that every revelation you receive will bring you closer to human and spiritual fulfillment, giving you the strength and power to accelerate your personal and collective evolution, knowing that every choice we make brings us closer to human and spiritual fulfillment, giving us the strength and power to accelerate personal and collective evolution, to accelerate transformation and change for a new approach to ourselves and life in all of its manifestation.

Imagine what you could achieve with every hidden power you possess fully awakened within you?

Why the Mystery Schools are Important Now

For millennia, mystery schools have served the planet by keeping important ancient knowledge alive, even as forces have attempted to remove or eliminate this knowledge. This information was not lost, just hidden. Now, we are at a crucial point in human history when it is time for the innermost secret knowledge about life to be revealed so we can now access and use these extraordinary powers for our individual and collective evolution. We are ready to create a divine earth. By studying in Damanhur’s Mystery School YOU can contribute positively to this global plan and, in the process, live a much more sacred, expanded and fulfilled life as a result.

If you desire to venture into the mystical with like-minded others, explore ancient principles, laws and practices of healing, and uncover some of the timeless esoteric secrets of the ancients…

If you are eager to discover what you are capable of when every hidden power you possess is fully awakened within you…

If you feel you are truly ready to reach your next level of personal inquiry and unleash your greater potential, untapped resources, and hidden capacities…

The time is now–your moment has arrived! Damanhur Mystery School Courses are being offered here in Pittsburgh PA throughout 2019!

Damanhur, Italy: A Laboratory for the Future of Humankind

Nestled in the alpine foothills of Piedmont, Italy, Damanhur is a highly evolved self-contained Republic with its own Constitution, culture, art, music, currency, schools and use of science and technology.

A United Nations award-winning sustainable eco-community based upon ethical and spiritual values, Damanhur is renowned for its spiritual, social and artistic research.

If you believe there is so much more to life than the average person is aware of, just imagine peeking into a community that has conducted over 40 years of research, experiments and practice in consciousness and who has uncovered mysteries from both past and future.

For years, it has been possible for people like you to travel to attend Damanhur’s University to explore the knowledge they have acquired while igniting a passion for personal deep learning and research.

The Damanhur Mystery School

Mystery School is a journey of self-discovery and an exploration of reality with a magical and spiritual vision, originating from the Damanhur School of Thought founded by Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi).

The objective of this pathway is to guide students in seeking within and beyond the self, finding the answers to questions leading to the reawakening of consciousness, knowledge, and deep memories.

Your Mystery School Experience

Damanhur’s Mystery School Courses are presented as individual two-day workshops. Each workshop is a standalone course and may be taken individually as long as any prerequisites are satisfied.

The complete Mystery School path is offered in five steps or “Journeys.”

Journey One:  “OPENING THE SELF”
We all have talents and abilities that go well beyond those expressed on the physical level through the five senses. The first year of Damanhur’s Mystery school opens a window into that inner world, allowing you to enjoy a surprising and unexpected landscape.

Explore and Discover:

➢ Perspectives of ancient wisdoms drawn from the deep history of humanity.
➢ The laws that govern matter and its interaction with spirit.
➢ The dimension of time – both universal and personal.
➢ Past lives, to then identify your profound talents and activate the senses of your soul.

Mystery School Courses in Journey One:

  • Astral Travel
  • Ancient Civilizations and pre-Atlantean History
  • Inner Harmonization
  • Spiritual Physics
  • The Dream Path
  • Divination
  • Past Lives Research

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