Healing for Your Heart Online Event

Bonnie Hassan, MSW, author, Reiki master and spiritual intuitive, will offer an evening of healing and restoration to focus on your heart, the powerhouse of your body. In this Zoom meeting, Bonnie will facilitate a guided meditation to begin your journey of healing, and once complete, you’ll help her co-create a group healing session to anchor in the healing energies and take your experience to a deeper level. Bonnie will complement the energies of Reiki with the vibrations of drums, rattles and singing bowls as she channels Native American Spirits who will speak to your soul in a language only your soul understands. Your guides and angels may provide wisdom and guidance for moving forward, and the entire experience may rock your world and heal your heart on levels greater than you can even begin to comprehend. See more details and register at http://omapittsburgh.org/event/healing-for-your-heart/ Donations requested.