OMA Lectures, Classes and Workshops

OMA Lecture Series

OMA Lecture Series is a monthly event that until recently, had been hosted at the East End Cooperative Ministry in East Liberty, Pittsburgh. Lectures are currently being held virtually through zoom until further notice.

Each lecture highlights different holistic practitioners and experts from the Pittsburgh area and beyond, and invites them to share their knowledge and skills with attendees. Topics are varied, but all relate to mind-body-spirit wellness and each subject provides an opportunity for attendees to begin or continue their journey with personal wellness. Such topics include meditation and mindfulness, alternative health practices, yoga, healing modalities, and much more. These topics and practices are intended to foster both physical and emotional well-being and are often presented spiritually, either as a philosophy or as a physical or psychological discipline.

Most lectures are free to the public and we only ask for a donation from the heart if one is able to contribute.

Enlightened healing, matters of body and soul, self-discovery and relationships, mindfulness and meditation, ancient wisdoms for modern times, and the pursuit of spirituality for universal goodness are some of the broader subject areas that OMA lectures fall into.

Check Upcoming Events for scheduled OMA lectures.

Classes and Workshops

OMA occasionally hosts classes, which span a series of weeks, and daytime workshops during the week or on weekends.

Mystery School Courses from Damanhur, Italy

Prior to 2019, OMA sponsored Mystery School Courses from Damanhur University in Italy, held in Pittsburgh PA, bringing the esoteric teachings of ancient masters to you. The Damanhur Mystery School is a journey of self-discovery and  exploration of reality with a magical and spiritual vision. Its objective is to guide us as students in seeking ourselves within and beyond, finding answers to questions that lead to a reawakening of consciousness, knowledge, and deep memories on our path to planetary enlightenment. Since 2019, Mystery School Courses have been held virtually on a limited basis. Find out more.