Relationship 3

by Brylie, 4th Grade

I don’t like not believing in my heart even though it makes me feel strong. I don’t like to yell, even though it makes me feel powerful. The worst argument me and my little brother Adler had was at my cousin’s house in the living room where the floor rounded into the walls. The light-blue shaded walls fade into green like a lake in a forest. I forget what the argument was about but it eventually resulted in me saying, “I hate you, Adler. I hate you so much.” His eyes water up with salty tears and I immediately regret what I said. I see his tongue inside his mouth trying to get the words out. I feel a lump in my throat swell to a burst. I… I stumble. “I’m so sorry,” I burst out. I know from the look in his eyes he forgives me. We forgive each other and move on.

I go outside and the world seems brighter than before.

Arguments are sometimes ways to get anger out. But sometimes you’re letting your anger out on a person who doesn’t deserve it. When you’re really angry, you have to think about what you’re really feeling. What’s the true cause?

Sometimes emotions fall out when you don’t want ‘them to. Sometimes when you hear a secret, you feel like a cloud drifting in a hurricane of worry. Sometimes I worry and that worry makes me angry. I don’t really know why I argue so much. My brother annoys me. He does things he knows I don’t like on purpose, like he shoves bananas in my face and he knows I don’t like bananas. He goes into my room because he knows he’s not allowed (without permission), etc. But I don’t know if I should ignore him or not. I don’t know if I should embrace it or not, take it in or not. Ya know?

Sometimes the world argues and that’s war. No one likes war, so no one should like an argument. But the world does heal like my brother and I healed (sorta). Birds do keep flying, the moon keeps rotating around Earth, the tides keep changing. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from arguing it is that the worst thing that can happen to you is to lose your ability to change.

There will always be people who need love and we can try to give them the love that they need.

3 thoughts on “Relationship

  • Grandma Beth

    That was awesome Brylie! Yes- we need forgiveness and love in our world today. Keep that attitude and you will go far in life. So proud of you & your writing.

  • Grandpa Bob

    Well done Brylie- Strong shades of your Aunt Brittney. A fourth grader writing at a eight grade level is impressive.

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