ARC 2.0 Anti-Racism Cohort

The Forbes Funds’ ARC 2.0 cohort launches on January 12th!

The Anti-Racism Cohort (ARC) is a group of leaders who come together to learn, grow, and take action against racism within their work and institution. Through a series of facilitated discussions, workshops, and activities, participants will engage in antiracism learning at the individual and organization level while learning current practices in antiracism and strategies for dismantling racist systems.

Participation includes both in-person and virtual class engagements, individual data assessment and tracking per organization, a curated curriculum on antiracism with continued access to resources, engagement with international antiracism specialists, special workshops, and a digital badge upon completion.

Sessions will include a combination of lectures, discussion of course materials, critical reflection on current readings, and more. We aim to ensure that the virtual and in-person classes occur in communicative spaces where participants can broach difficult topics and discuss individual and organizational challenges. New strategies will be co-created through both qualitative and quantitative exploration of anti-racist frameworks.

ARC 2.0 is a learning cohort that builds on the best practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion training and optimizes these core practices into human-centered design exercises that aid in shifting organizational cultures systemically. Organizations will participate in weekly workshops, paired with reading assignments, signature cohort projects, and curated multi-sensory experiences – where participants learn in both a parallel and collaborative fashion. Together, partners will strengthen their individual, organizational, and societal triple bottom lines of connecting people, planet, and profit.