Free Music of the Plants

Music is an universal language and when it is being communicated by plants, by nature I can feel a deeper connection to my own inner nature, the universal connectedness existing between each of us and the nature that is always surrounding us, ready to remind us that life will always go on. Passing from winter to spring the music of the plants helps me remember to look outside my window and see beyond the confinements of this quarantine… there is always hope.  Following are greetings from our warm friends in Italy and their generous offer to help us face our current challenge. -Gail Hunter

Warm greetings from the Music of the Plants team in Italy.
During this ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we hope that you are doing well and taking precautions for your health and safety.

As a result of the containment measures across the globe, many people are finding themselves back in their homes with much time to their disposal. It is a delicate time, but most of all, it is a time which calls each one of us to reflect on our routines and in result make changes in our lifestyle.

How do you feel about this moment? Are there opportunities to conquer, we believe so!

Amongst the apparent difficulties, we can change our daily rhythms, rediscover solidarity, brotherhood, and contact with nature.

For this reason, we at Music of the Plants want to do our part and share with you the “Music of the Plants” CD, downloadable for free from our shop for 1 month!  😉

Bring the sounds of “The Music of Plants” in your home, feel the intimacy and uniqueness of this contact established with nature to reawaken the breath mother earth is currently taking.

We wish you all a good health and an insightful rebirth!
Click here and download the CD for free.