Children’s Homes Project Sri Lanka

From Bhante Pemaratana of the Pittsburgh Buddhist Center:

Dear Devotees and Friends,

I am writing this personal note concerning the Children’s Home project at my Sri Lankan temple. As for most of the people in Sri Lanka, due to the COVID19 situation, the last few months have been a challenging period for our two children’s homes as well. In the past, food and other daily needs of our children have been provided by local donors. Many generous families living in the area have reserved different days of the year to provide food and other basic needs of our children. However, due to curfew and closure of businesses during last two months, these local donors have expressed their difficulty in providing the sponsorship for their assigned days in the next few months.

I plan to find sponsors for food and other basic needs of our children for the next three months. Since curfew has now been lifted in the country, we hope that after three months those local donors will be financially strong enough to continue with their support.

Thirty-nine (39) girls and 18 boys are with us in our homes together with 6 caretakers. The cost of three meals for all children per day is Rs. 22,680, which is equivalent to about US $ 120.00. I kindly request a donation towards the cost of food and other basic needs of our children to help run the homes smoothly during the next three months. If you wish to direct your donation to cover the food cost of a specific date (in honor of a birthday or an anniversary), you may mention it when you fill the form in the link below.

Please feel free to share this message with your friends. Your generous donation in whatever amount, small or large, is greatly appreciated during this challenging time. It will be a tremendous help for our children and my master.

You may let us know your contribution through the link below. Once you sign up, please send a check payable to Pittsburgh Buddhist Center with a note in memo “Children’s Homes.” You may also use the PayPal link to send a donation. I will transfer collected donations to Sri Lanka. If you are interested in sending a donation directly to Sri Lanka, please send me an e mail at, and I will provide guidelines to do so. Thank you very much in advance for your kind support.

With metta,

Bhante Pemaratana
together with Bhante Punna and Bhante Metta

Link for Contribution Form

Link for Pay Pal