OMA Programs

OMA employs a spiritually-based, holistic approach to the wellbeing of individuals, families and the community. To this end we offer a variety of programs that deal with youth development, trauma care, health and wellbeing, and community concerns and action.

OMA’s current programs include:

Art in the Garden, centered around investment in the resiliency and social and emotional development of Pittsburgh’s youth. This is a free summer program held in Borland Garden, an urban green space in East Liberty.

OMA Lecture Series, a bi-weekly event hosted in Oakland at the Twentieth Century Club. Each lecture highlights different holistic practitioners and experts from the Pittsburgh area and beyond.

Trauma-Informed Training for Parents and Teachers.

A holistic program at Turtle Creek AIU,  tailored for at-risk youth from 7th -12th grades

Trauma Symposium for the Healing of All Generations, in planning for Fall of 2019.

Trauma Conversations in the Community: Conversations and workshops that highlight holistic treatment of trauma care and provide on-site opportunities to experience this care free of charge.

Workshops in Mind, Body & Spirit from local practitioners as well as educators and practitioners known nationally and internationally.

Damanhur Mystery School Courses brought to Pittsburgh from Damanhur University, Italy.

South Hills Lecture Series: OMA will begin a satellite Lecture Series in the South Hills of Pittsburgh in 2019.

Daytime lectures and workshops hosted by OMA, offered at the Green Heiress Hoistic Center in Aspinwall (Pittsburgh PA).

Food for the Soul, a casual, intimate gathering led by an OMA facilitator where various topics of mind, body, spirit, and other interests are discussed over a light meal.

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