Damanhur Events to include a Spiral in May!

OMA is excited to announce a special visit in May by Crótalo Sésamo, Global Ambassador from Damanhur, Italy. During this visit he will teach two classes from Damanhur’s Mystery School, followed by a special one-day workshop for the purpose of creating the very first Damanhur Spiral here in Pittsburgh. (Like labyrinths, the spiral formation can be used as a spiritual tool for energy balancing, dynamic meditations, expansion of perception and more.)

The planned schedule will be:

  • May 16-17 (Thursday-Friday), either Ancient Civilizations or Communication with the Plant World
  • May 18-19 (Saturday-Sunday), Past Lives Research
  • May 20 (Monday), Damanhur Spiral with Pot Luck meal to celebrate its completion

Crótalo has given us a choice for the Mystery School class on May 16-17. We can choose Ancient Civilizations Level II, since many have already taken the initial one. Who would choose this as the offered class? Email ancient-civilizations@omapittsburgh.org and say “Yes” by April 12 if this is your preference.

Or we can choose Communication with the Plant World, which is based upon Damanhur’s extensive research of plant behaviour and the magical ability of plants to communicate with us in profound ways beyond words and normal human senses. Please email plants@omapittsburgh.org and say “Yes” by April 12 if you’d like OMA to offer this class.

And if you are interested in Past Lives Research, please register as soon as possible as the deadline is soon approaching.

Thank you all for your interest and participation in the Damanhur Mystery Courses!