Earth Day 2020

The founders of Earth Day offered a simple yet profound truth—if the Earth suffers, then humanity suffers as well. We cannot exist without our environment, and we certainly cannot thrive if our planetary environment degrades and no longer provides the rich and robust life-sustaining systems that we all need for healthy fruitful lives.

Our interdependence on one another and the health of the planet and its biotic systems, is more apparent than ever with the spread of COVID-19. This Earth Day is a time to reject dualities that deny our interdependence and instead, embrace our shared destiny—planet Earth and the peoples on it have just one health. And from this must come the belief that the rights of nature and the rights of people are inextricably mixed and cannot be honored one without the other.

We commemorate this 50th anniversary of Earth Day with a strong emphasis on climate action. We must recognize that we have not yet heeded the planetary health warnings that point to the nearing catestrophic effects to the balance of life and civilization on Earth. These times require ever more bold actions to realign our commitment to Earth and its natural systems and the well-being of peoples across the world and all life with which we are one.

Support climate action now on Earth Day 2020.