Birth Healing Summit 2020

From Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness:

The online Birth Healing Summit 2020 is happening April 20-29th, 2020. You can access this information from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be, and there is FREE, limited-time access to the interviews!  Register now.

Topics covered:

  • GI Considerations in the Postnatal Period – SUSAN CLINTON
  • Multimodal Assessment of DR and POP –  JULIA DIPAOLO
  • The All-Important And Powerful Psoas – LIZ KOCH
  • Sexual Dysfunctions After Birth – KATHE WALLACE
  • Using Toddler Development to inform Core Stabilization – DON STOUT
  • The Hidden Story Behind Difficult Behavior…How Birth Trauma Shows Up In Children – ANNIE BROOK
  • Creating Space for Labor and Healing Tissues After Birth – FIONA HALLINAN
  • Do You Bring Relief With Your Debrief? – ALEXANDRA HEATH
  • Assisting the Spiritual and Energetics of Birth – DR. JOEL EVANS
  • The Postpartum Fascial System – RAMONA HORTON