A Group Channeling with Global Teacher, Healer, Author – Sheryl Blumenthal – “The Little One”


Sheryl Blumenthal, a channel and true instrument for the I AM, is divinely guided. As a Universal Teacher and an enlightened being, her gifts offer love, healing, peace, and direct guidance from ‘on high.’ The messages and the light that come forth are direct, vital, and pure. Her channeled teachings unveil a new world, one in which “the heart is the way.”

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm with Welcome Reception at 6:15 (light snacks and wine provided by OMA. BYOB welcome)

La Dorita

2312 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15215 (immediately near the Highland Park Bridge) Rear Entrance


A Message for Humanity

Do you know that your individual life lessons change the outcome of the future humanity?  From an energetic and spiritual perspective, humanity works as a team, unbeknownst to the conscious awareness of the masses living in the three-dimensional world.  Lightworkers have this awareness and are already working with it.  The time has come for more people to understand and witness the greater picture of the what occurs in the invisible - from the perspective of energy or Spirit.  You will be amazed as you begin to understand how everything is truly connected.

*Individual messages may come through for members of the audience that will support the whole group.


Sheryl Blumenthal is passionate about helping people to journey towards achieving their soul’s quest and realizing their true gifts.  This event is an opportunity for like-minded souls to gather as supportive messages through grand guidance, coupled with Archangels, provide astoundingly rare and loving light and an extremely transformational energy experience.  This experience is supportive to all who attend both in the physical and beyond.  This channel’s gift - a mirror of who we truly are and a pure messenger for the divine - teaches us lovingly, as expressed through the view of the holy spirit.  Always, we are reminded to remember our divine purpose and the truth of who we are. 

To learn more about Sheryl please visit www.littleone.us



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