Crystals 101


Learn how to work with the energy of healing crystals.

3:00 pm 4:30 pm

Sponsored by OMA
Class held at Green Heiress Holistic Health

209 Commercial Avenue, Aspinwall, PA 15215

Price: $20   Tickets on Sale Now!

Learn how to work with the energy of healing crystals to help you stay grounded, healthy, and balanced throughout the stresses of everyday life … especially with the Holidays right around the corner!

Gemstones are powerful tools and you can tap into them to welcome their gifts and draw on their strengths. Working with stones is rewarding, fulfilling, and surprisingly simple!

Join Kate Horne, a crystal connoisseur from Journeys of Life in Shadyside, to learn about 10 important stones you can start working with immediately to make your holidays and every day run more smoothly and serenely!


  • The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall
  • Set of the 10 stones we learn about in the class
  • Selection of individual stones

Instructor: Kate Horne, Journeys of Life in Shadyside

Kate's love of crystals started very young and since then has only
grown. She feels crystals are a gift from the Earth and are powerful
allies in our spiritual well-being. Kate is never without stones of some sort, whether it be jewelry or spilling out of pockets. She honors the magic of the natural world and sees enchantment everywhere. Kate knows gemstones are one of the most rewarding ways to connect to the wonders of world and to allow healing energy in.

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