Damanhur: Laboratory for Social, Spiritual and Environmental Research, through the eyes of an Artist


A 2 1/2 hour presentation with Q & A by Formica Coriandolo, Ambassador of Damanhur

6:30 pm 9:00 pm

Green Heiress Holistic Health

209 Commercial Avenue SUITE A, Aspinwall, PA 15215

$20 at door

Over the next 12 months, OMA will be scheduling  classes from the University of Damanhur's Mystery School, covering their first-year courses. These classes will be taught by instructors from Damanhur brought here for this unique purpose and mission.

This Tuesday evening OMA is hosting a special Introduction to Damanhur. Join us on a journey into Damanhur, Europe’s largest spiritual eco-community, how it was created and why art is so strategic to its endeavors.

Formica Coriandolo, a citizen of Damanhur for thirty-five years, Ambassador for Damanhur’s Foundation, and one of the community’s most prolific self-made artists shares how artwork has been used as the foundation of its community creation. She explains how In Damanhur, members continually utilize art in order to increase community well-being and embrace diversity, as well as to process conflict. Read more about Formica.

The Damanhur community has created The Temples of Humankind, heralded in the press as “The Eighth Wonder of the World.” An extraordinary subterranean eight-chamber temple complex features remarkable paintings, mosaics, sculpture and glass art—all created to celebrate universal spirituality. The Temples were initially created within the solidarity of a community who were not primarily artists. Yet, within a field of trust and non-judgment, the miracle of the Temples continues to astound and grow, and every individual has the opportunity to create and discover the artist within.

Find out more about OMA's scheduling of classes from the University of Damanhur's Mystery School over the coming months.

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