From Surviving to Thriving: Supporting Our Youth Through Collaborative Conversations and Learning Sessions


A half-day workshop focused on youth, where parents, educators, counselors, health practitioners and more can join in collaborative learning sessions for supporting the healthy development of our young people.

10:00 am - 2:00 pm. Doors open at 9:30 am for light refreshments and exploration of community resource tables.

Winchester Thurston Upper School Building

455 Morewood Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15213

RSVP: Space is limited. Kindly register in advance of this workshop.


We are providing free child care for children ages 2 years-10 years old. After you register, please email the number of children and their ages. SPACE IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 15 REQUESTS.

Program Schedule

9:30- 10:00 am 
Light refreshments and exploration of community resource tables

10:00-10:50 am
Welcome, Callie Gropp,
Gail Hunter, “Striving to Survive”
Deneen Marlette Joyner, “Emotional Pain, Trauma and its Impact on the Soul”

10:50-11:00 am, Break

11:00-11:50 am, First Breakout Session (choose one)
Anita Russell, “Positive Self-Image: Are You Up to PAR?”
Susan Amorose, DMQ, RMT, “QiGong for Healing”

11:50-12:50 pm, Lunch (Light snacks will be provided. Please bring a bag lunch.)

1:00-1:50 pm, Second Breakout Session (choose one)
Deneen Marlette Joyner, “See it, Say it and Know it!”

Stephanie Romero, ED.D., “Mindfulness: The Basis for Caring & Connecting”

1:50-2:00 pm, Closing, with poet Devantae Butler


OMA’s primary goal is to create collaborative conversations regarding  the impact of trauma on one’s cognitive, emotional, and physical development as well as their interpersonal relationships and life choices. We will strive to identify needs and plan for systemic change in youth development and education programs in the Pittsburgh area.

Through collaborative conversations and learning sessions, we can grow and develop greater awareness about the needs that exist for healthy youth development. We are dedicated to teaching youth how to recognize and effectively manage their emotions in order to mitigate and prevent harmful effects of early childhood adversity and trauma. In order to do this, adult mentors and educators must be trained in these skills.

Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to learn a variety of holistic skills that can be used to support the healthy development of mind, body, and spirit—their own and that of youth.

We are committed to transparency, openness, honesty, respect, trust, active engagement, collaboration, communication, inclusivity and equity for all.


Beliefs: We believe that healing can only take place when the silence is broken, and that healing is possible when we work in collaboration. Through this collaborative model, and with the intentional creation of community partnerships, we believe we can rebuild an integrated support system for our youth so as to support the proactive development of resilience.

Vision: We envision a world in which all youth and all individuals have access to best practices that support and develop resiliency and the ability to grow in their understanding of connectedness to themselves, each other, and our earth. We envision a world in which all youth are supported and know—in deep and lasting ways—the interconnectedness of all living beings, and the ways in which we are all whole and all belong.


We are ALL Teachers

T Trauma- Informed

E Education

A And

C Collaboration

H Helps

E Empower

R Resilience &

S Social Emotional Learning

This project is supported by a generous grant from The Heinz Endowments. The Heinz Endowments is devoted to the mission of helping our region prosper as a vibrant center of creativity, learning, and social, economic and environmental sustainability. Core to our work is the vision of a just community where all are included and where everyone who calls southwestern Pennsylvania home has a real and meaningful opportunity to thrive.

Sponsored by The Heinz Endowments with generous support from WT Summer Camp Rocks! and WTAfter3

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One thought on “From Surviving to Thriving: Supporting Our Youth Through Collaborative Conversations and Learning Sessions

  • ellen granum

    all of this sounds sooo wonderful!!! what a lot of work has gone into putting on this day of education for so many. how i wish i were there to learn and to help. too bad i live in georgia!!!
    best wishes to all who will lead in this endeavor and to all who attend whose lives will be changed for good.