Lessons from The Four Agreements with Deb Thackrah


In his best selling book The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz offers a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives.

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm with Welcome Reception at 6:15 (light snacks and wine provided by OMA. BYOB welcome)

La Dorita

2312 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door. OMA reserves 10 tickets for anyone who would like to attend but is deterred due to the cost. Please contact us for more information.


Be Impeccable with your Word

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Don’t Make Assumptions

Always Do Your Best

In the beginning these new habits can be challenging.  Join us as Deb Thackrah teaches us, that with practice, these agreements can become integrated into our very being and therefore every area of our lives.  

“You need a very strong will in order to adopt the Four Agreements—but if you can begin to live your life with these agreements, the transformation in your life will be amazing. You will see the drama of hell disappear right before your very eyes. Instead of living in a dream of hell, you will be creating a new dream—your personal dream of heaven.”   ~ don Miguel Ruiz

Deb Thackrah was exploring Transcendental Meditation and the works of Carlos Castaneda at the age of 15.  Her early spiritual seekings carried her to an ashram in the Catskills of New York state, the desert canyons of Zion National Park in Utah and half way across the world, to Himalayan Mountains of India, to study the ways of shamans and honored teachers of the Christian, Native American, and Buddhist traditions.   

In 2011, Deb founded Feeding the Spirit which is dedicated to nourishing the bodies, minds, and souls of people in need including those who are homeless by providing them with temporary shelter at local hotels and providing rent assistance to those at risk of becoming homeless.

Deb’s healing center, Touch of Grace Healing, is located in Greensburg.  As a cranio-sacral therapist, master-level Reiki practitioner and clairvoyant/intuitive, she gives individual and group healing sessions, leads workshops and discussion groups, meditation groups, and soul sessions.  To learn more about Deb please visit www.touchofgracehealing.org.

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