Dr. Will Cole, “The Microbiome, Hormones & the Methylation Connection”


The microbiome with trillions of microbes and their colonies are the manufacturers and managers of how we look, feel and think. Researchers are learning how it regulates nearly every system of our bodies.

Doors open at 6:15 for light reception and CASH BAR. Event begins at 7:00pm

The Twentieth Century Club

4201 Bigelow Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA. 15213

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Your microbiome — the trillions of bacteria in your gut and on your skin — can tell you a lot about your health.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said thousands of years ago "all disease begins in the gut." Science is catching up with antiquity. Many seemingly unrelated health problems are now being linked to underlying gut problems

In this presentation, Dr. Will Cole will focus on the importance of the microbiome and the role it plays as the foundation of your overall health and its connection with your hormones and brain. You’ll learn about the underlying factors that contribute to autoimmune spectrum disorders, in addition to the role methylation and the MTHFR gene mutation plays in these conditions. Dr. Cole will discuss the powerful world of adaptogens and how using these Functional Medicine based herbal tools can help to balance your brain and hormonal system.

Dr. Will Cole, leading functional medicine practitioner, specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors and customizing health programs for chronic conditions such as thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal dysfunctions, and more. He consults locally in the Pittsburgh area as well as webcam and phone consultations for people across the country and around the world. Dr. Cole is a health writer for international publications such as mindbodygreen  (MBG) and lectures nationally.

Dr. Cole graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences in Los Angeles, California. He has his post doctorate education and training in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition through The Institute for Functional Medicine and Functional Medicine University.

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