Dr. Brahma Sharma – From Meditation to Enlightenment


Whether it is science-based or faith-based, the steps to enlightenment are reachable with practice and perseverance.

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The Twentieth Century Club

4201 Bigelow Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA. 15213

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What is enlightenment, is it real or just a myth?

What is the history of enlightenment? All religions and spiritual traditions have a common goal of experiencing and reaching a liberated state and a state of self-transcendence. Meditation is a common denominator for this path of discovery, experience and the goal of enlightenment.

We will explore the mystical qualities of meditation as well as some of the modern thinking and research behind it. How much of this is mysticism as opposed to science? Are we the source of this experience or a conduit of a Divine source? The answer is not clear, however the experience of meditation is natural and can be experienced in your daily living.

Whether it is science-based or faith-based, the steps to enlightenment are reachable with practice and perseverance.

Dr. Brahma Sharma was first introduced to the practice of meditation when he was a medical student and has spoken and written about these aspects of lifestyle in various forms in the U.S. and abroad.  Dr. Sharma has special interests in the role of lifestyle modification in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and in the scientific basis of different spiritual practices in imparting holistic heart health.

We hope you can join us as Dr. Sharma informs us about how the ancient system of meditation has resurfaced as the modern practice of mindful meditation and the science behind its medical benefits as well as its mystical elements.

Dr. Brahma Sharma, MD graduated from The University of Rajasthan, India and spent a few years in Africa with the WHO mission.  He then did his residency at The University of Alabama in Birmingham and fellowship in cardiovascular medicine here in Pittsburgh, where he has remained for the last 20 years.  He has traveled around the world with a variety of medical missions, especially to poor and developing countries to help raise awareness about the global epidemic of heart disease and its prevention.  Dr. Sharma is currently a Professor of Medicine at UPMC.



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