“Our Incredible Ability to Communicate with Plants” by Crótalo Sésamo


Extraordinary Knowledge from the Mystery School of Damanhur, a Spiritual Eco-Community in Italy, presented by their Ambassador.

7:00 pm 9:00 pm WEDNESDAY

Green Heiress Holistic Health
Note our venue change for this event only.

209 Commercial Avenue, Suite A, Aspinwall, PA 15215

We may consider that consciousness is expansive and everywhere, but what about the the world of plant life? Do we have the ability to communicate with plants by way of sound? Join us for a fascinating lecture on the various ways that plants can behave and speak with us.

Each breath we take is evidence of the interdependence between ourselves and all the world around us. Yet, just how aware are we of this connection to the full realm of nature? For the past 40 years, the Federation of Damanhur has conducted extensive research of the plant world and the ability of plants to respond and communicate. Through their experiments, they have learned that plants have awareness, feelings and memory, and can actively communicate in different ways. And now they have created a device that allows one to listen to the “music of the plants.” Imagine a concert performed by your favorite house plants! Come find out and learn how to experience this unique connection with plants for yourself!

Learn also about the fascinating community of Damanhur in Italy as well as the Mystery School Workshops that are now being offered here in Pittsburgh! Wednesday's event (March 7) is a condensed version of the Mystery School Workshop and great introduction to this series. The Mystery School Workshops will continued to be scheduled and repeated over the next year in Pittsburgh. See the past and upcoming workshops for Pittsburgh,

Damanhur, Italy, may be one of the most unique places on earth. Founded by Oberto Airaudi Falco in 1975, Damanhur, which means 'City of Light', is the largest self-sustaining, ecological spiritual community in the 'ancient wisdom-magical tradition.' With its vast complex of homes, shops, art studios, small manufacturing centers and farms, Damanhur is highly organized, integrated, and dedicated to the unification of art, spirituality and science. The Federation is recognized by the UN as a model for global eco-villages and it is also a highly evolved mystery school. Early initiates began carving the worlds largest 5-story subterranean temple network entirely by hand and called it the Temples of Humankind. Some now consider it to be an 8th wonder of the world. 

Crótalo Sésamo is an artist, Pranatherapist and spiritual healer. He is also the Ambassador to The Federation of Damanhur, in Piedmont, Italy. His first contact with Damanhur was at the age of 17 as the result of his interest in natural medicine and the development of paranormal faculties.

Crótalo has lived and worked at Damanhur as a spiritual researcher now for over 28 years. He specializes in the fields of spiritual healing and the development of human potential with the Olami Damanhur University of which he is now the Director. He is also a specialist in the fields of Spiritual Healing, Ancient Civilizations and Inner Research. He teaches courses in Astral Travel and conscious Out-of-Body Experiences, Past Lives, Inner Harmonizing, Widening of Perception, and Contact with the Plant World. His teaching has taken him all over the world: from the USA, UK, and Canada to Portugal, Holland, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Iceland. Learn more about Crótalo Sésamo.

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  • michael greene

    I will gladly make a donation to OMA in person at the seminar on March 7, (rather than on the computer). Looking forward to this very interesting topic. Thankyou, Michael Greene