From Crotalo Sesamo and Shama Viola

Dear Friends,

It’s clear to us all that we are in the midst of challenging times where everyone is called to re-evaluate both their lives and their values. This present situation is forcing us to spend time with ourselves, to look inside, and hopefully find new meanings and re-consider what’s really important in our lives.

We won’t be able to see each other for a while, because of the international situation, but we still feel the need to connect and be close to you. Luckily technology is helping us in this! That’s why we choose to offer now online readings and healing. Shama and Crotalo will be available everyday for Divination sessions with cards and/or with Seven Stones, and remote Prana healing and stiloself sessions. You can write to us directly for an appointment,,

The readings are a form of divination exploring the possible future, knowing that the future is not only something that we read but something that we write with our choices, Knowing in advance the possible future can help us guide our choices and obtain our desires. During the readings you can ask questions about the different fields of your life, receiving indications for you and the people that you care for.

Prana sessions are intense regeneration and rebalancing of all our parts: physical, emotional, energetic and mental. It’s also a realignment of all our personalities and a strong help in case of emotional stress. It’s a way to recharge the batteries, especially in these challenging times.

The selfic treatments through the stiloself, an ancient instrument based on selfica knowledge, combining the use of sacred geometry with materials like metal, crystals and liquids, guide pure energy to shift and enhance the information present in our body and in our environment. The stiloself is connected to the Temples of Humankind and is able to realign us with this pure source.

The sessions last either half hour or one hour, and we offer them on a reduced special price, $35 for half hour, $70 for one hour.

Looking forward to being with you in these new ways, we send you our love.

Con voi
Crotalo Sesamo and Shama Viola