Medical Intuition–More than a Feeling

Medical intuition is a practice that involves the use of intuitive abilities to diagnose and treat health issues. We all possess medical intuition to some degree. We all know when something feels wrong with our health and mental or emotional states. And when we’re careful to listen to those feelings, our bodies tell us something important about what is going on that we can act on.

Medical intuitives are individuals who claim to possess these intuitive abilities and use them to help people heal. They often claim to be able to identify the underlying emotional or energetic imbalances that are contributing to a person’s health issues, and then offer guidance on how to correct these imbalances through various means, such as dietary changes, supplements, and energy healing techniques.

Medical intuition may provide many with a sense of empowerment and control over their health. By offering insights and guidance on the emotional or energetic factors that may be contributing to their health issues, medical intuitives may help individuals feel more proactive in addressing these issues.

Additionally, some may find that the recommendations offered by medical intuitives align with their own intuition or provide a new perspective on their health issues that they had not previously considered. This may lead to an increased sense of well-being and a more holistic approach to health and healing.

There are some well-known individuals who have gained a following as medical intuitives and claim to have had success in their practices. One is Caroline Myss, who has authored several books on the topic and offers training courses for individuals looking to develop their own intuition. Another is Mona Lisa Schulz, who is a medical doctor as well as a medical intuitive and offers consultations and training programs.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of medical intuition has not been scientifically proven or verified by mainstream medicine. However, it can be an alternative or complementary way to help pinpoint health issues and identify treatment on our journey to wellness.