On breathing in, this Earth Day, April 22nd

I breath in, filling my lungs with oxygen, created by the world’s forests and the ocean’s phytoplankton. I eat food harvested from the Earth, created by the plants, sunshine, water, nutrients, and the efforts of human hands. I drink water that flows from a river that is fed by streams from rain and purified with methods and technology developed from human inventiveness. And in turn, I breathe out carbon dioxide, which feeds the trees and phytoplankton. I recognize I am part of a much larger system that’s dependent on reciprocity. I play a vital role in keeping this system in balance.

My intention is to be mindful and respect the interconnectedness of life on this planet, to live lightly, and to reduce my footprint. And through mindfulness and meditation, I can reflect with wonder and gratitude on the intimate connection I have with this incredible living planet and all living things on it… come this Earth Day April 22, and every day.