Wishing you a Joyful, Loving and Blessed New Year!

I hope your year will be filled with abundance of all that you are manifesting.  This past year has been one of complexity & amazement/shock; joy & sadness; excitement & anxiety for me, family, friends, and for many in this country and the world.  My prayer that I extend to all is: we remember the innate truth about the ‘I Am’ of who we are that still is always underneath any ‘negative imprint’ that may have come from another; we may always remember that we are all connected to one another in our humanness and that all the masters have taught us continually to look within for this knowing and truth; and that the judgement of self and other will never serve anyone.  We are all unique and equally important and if each of us were to give from our heart the very kindness and respect we would seek from another, we all would have the ability to change the world one moment at a time.

Love & Blessings

Gail Hunter