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A Damanhur 2-Day Mystery School Workshop!

10:00 am 6:00 pm Saturday & Sunday

221 Whetherburn Drive, Wexford, PA 15090

Dates: Saturday November 9th - Sunday November 10th
Times: 10 am to 6 pm with 1 hour break, both days
Location: 221 Whetherburn Drive, Wexford, PA 15090
Price: $250 Earlybird till November 1st, $275 after Nov 1

Make checks payable to OMA Center for Mind, Body and Spirit 
Mail to: OMA Center for Mind, Body and Spirit 
100 Rutledge Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Integrate your Multifaceted Nature and Find Inner Peace

Each of us lives a complex reality of desires, thoughts, dreams and ideas. Our cultural education and genetic make-up teaches us to think of ourselves as a single individual, but in reality the physical body is shared by multiple "individuals" known as "personalities," each with its own function fundamental to the workings of the whole.

The fact that we often have conflicting feelings is a direct result of the composition of these multiple parts with seemingly opposing goals. This is the true nature of the human being—multifaceted and multiform—and these personalities represent a great potential and extraordinary wealth when we learn to create harmony between them and unify their goals.

Like an orchestra of musicians, each section has its own lead which takes charge depending on the present situation. When your personalities are in harmony, the result is a rich symphony of united sound, but when there is friction, you get noise. The goal of this course is to develop the techniques to become the conductor of this powerful group of artists and create a melodic masterpiece.

Exercises are taught that are based on forms of artistic expression and play, in addition to various meditation techniques. The end result is to define, contact and harmonize our diverse personalities in order to resolve inner conflicts and achieve a greater level of integrated wellness. According to Damanhurian philosophy, the Inner Personalities are part of our soul structure, and work to connect the divine within us. When we learn to recognize and recall these aspects, we can guide an enormous richness of talents and possibilities with the ultimate goal of achieving enlightenment.

This workshop will be taught by an Ambassador of Damanhur, from Damanhur, Italy.

About Damanhur

Damanhur is a living laboratory for the future of humankind. It is a Federation of Spiritual Communities, with its own Constitution, culture, art, music, currency, schools and use of science and technology. The Community was founded in 1975 from the inspiration of Falco Tarassaco (1950-2013). His enlightened and pragmatic vision created a fertile reality based on solidarity, sharing, love and respect for the environment. Damanhur is perhaps best known for its extraordinary subterranean work of art and architecture, a cathedral known as the Temples of Humankind. The Temples have been profiled on international television as the "Eighth Wonder of The World." This complex was entirely dug by hand into the heart of the mountain. Decorated with mosaics, stained glass, sculptures, wall paintings and other works of art, it is dedicated to the awakening of the divine spark present within every human being.

To read more about Damanhur, visit

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