Create positive change in your life

Coach Monique Demonico

When Monique Demonico first began using meditation, relaxation training, and thought awareness exercises, she began to realize the many positive effects it was having in her day-to-day life. Eventually she decided to become trained in these techniques in order to teach others and share the benefits.

Her interests grew to include EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Energy Psychology, and over the past 10 years, she has had formal training in these areas and has taken dozens of seminars, courses and workshops in a variety of related fields. In 2007, she became certified as an Emotional Intelligence Life Coach through CEO Partnerships, Inc.

Coach Monique strongly believes in pursuing continued education to stay current with tools, information, and techniques in order to best support her clients. Utilizing skills and knowledge from all of her experience, education, and training, she has developed easy-to-learn and easy- to-use techniques, programs and seminars that produce rapid results and can be beneficial to nearly everyone, regardless of age.

Join Coach Monique for Unlock Bold Changes in Your Life, Tuesday Oct. 29 at EECM.