Ancient Civilizations and Pre-Atlantean History


A Damanhur 2-Day Mystery School Workshop!

10:00 am 6:00 pm Thursday and Friday

221 Whetherburn Drive, Wexford, PA 15090

10:00 am 6:00 pm Thursday and Friday

Dates: THURSDAY January 31 - FRIDAY February 1st
Times: 10 am to 6 pm with 1 hour break, both days
Location: 221 Whetherburn Drive, Wexford, PA 15090

Make checks payable to OMA Center for Mind, Body and Spirit 
Mail to: OMA Center for Mind, Body and Spirit 
100 Rutledge Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Travel back in time. Explore ancient alien and extraterrestial seeds of civilization.

The existence of human beings in this universe dates back much further than we have been led to believe. The origin of the different evolutionary strands of human seeds on Earth is a result of a succession of ancient alien and extraterrestrial colonies, and their cultural and territorial influences.

In this workshop, we will focus on such classic themes as Atlantis, galactic civilizations, alien species, and stellar empires with which and with whom we have crossed paths and destinies. We will take a  historical journey and explore many answers to questions we often ask ourselves about who we are, where we came from and how we evolved to become the beings we are today.

The universe is far older than what we comprehend from ordinary history books. Understanding its narrative gives rise to dormant memories and knowledge within us that are key to completing the evolutionary project of civilization—the inner reawakening that we are all participating in, either actively or unconsciously, as a human species.

This workshop will be taught by Crótalo Sésamo, an Ambassador of Damanhur, from Damanhur, Italy.

About Damanhur

Damanhur is a living laboratory for the future of humankind. It is a Federation of Spiritual Communities, with its own Constitution, culture, art, music, currency, schools and use of science and technology. The Community was founded in 1975 from the inspiration of Falco Tarassaco (1950-2013). His enlightened and pragmatic vision created a fertile reality based on solidarity, sharing, love and respect for the environment. Damanhur is perhaps best known for its extraordinary subterranean work of art and architecture, a cathedral known as the Temples of Humankind. The Temples have been profiled on international television as the "Eighth Wonder of The World." This complex was entirely dug by hand into the heart of the mountain. Decorated with mosaics, stained glass, sculptures, wall paintings and other works of art, it is dedicated to the awakening of the divine spark present within every human being.

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