Astrology with Rick DiClemente “The Exquisite Zodiac”


You are more than just your Sun sign! The time has come for humanity to comprehend the full brilliance of the zodiac’s grand design. The energies that comprise each of us are the very same energies that make up the whole universe.

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm with Welcome Reception at 6:15 (light snacks and wine provided by OMA. BYOB welcome)

La Dorita

2312 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15215 (immediately near the Highland Park Bridge) Rear Entrance

Please join us as Rick DiClemente gives an overview of his new book, The Exquisite Zodiac, and reveals how every facet of the zodiac works in sync, and how we can apply the entirety of its intelligence and wisdom in a practical way. The Exquisite Zodiac bridges the gap between abstract, esoteric astrology books and those that are glib and misleading—thereby setting astrology on the proper track for our time. After this evening, you will never view astrology—or yourself and your relationships—in the same way again.

Rick DiClemente is not your typical astrologer. Widely known as a “way shower,” he blends math-science and spiritual-psychic ability with empirical knowledge in order to reveal the multi-faceted story in each chart. Rick’s intuitive-astrological readings blend past-life experience with the natal chart as well as your dharmic, or destiny chart. At the same time, he brings alive the applied discipline of consulting with the cosmos for timeless wisdom that helps others better understand themselves, their relationships and their lives.   Rick has practiced astrology for 36 years, he works on radio, TV and the Internet and has presented numerous lectures, classes, workshops and online videos. He is the author of “The Exquisite Zodiac” and his articles appear monthly in national and international magazines.

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