Dismantling Racism is an Inside Job, by Anita Russell


A two-part series on cultivating change from the inside out, March 18th and March 25th

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EST

Zoom Meeting

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Cultivating change from the inside out is based on the premise that dismantling racism is an inside job. It's not just about laws and legislation or politics and economics. It’s also about what lies within the hearts and minds of people who live in a racialized society.

Anita D Russell is a life coach, speaker, and international bestselling author. Her most recent collaborative book, Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference, features the stories of forty women from around the world who have channeled their passion into a mission to make a difference. Her chapter in the book, "Musings of a COVID-19 Baby", became the impetus for her current antiracism platform through personal transformation in the hearts and minds of people. Her next book is a series of lessons built to empower change from within as a personal strategy to dismantling racism. Cultivating Change from the Inside Out: The Power of Being Human, releases on March 23. Learn more about Anita at theplacetosoar.com and anitadrussellauthor.com

Part 1: Musings of a COVID-19 Baby
In this portion of the lecture Anita makes racism very personal. Using the analogy of a coin she invites the audience to do two things: One, come to terms with the reality of two worlds that exist in the United States as a racialized society. Two, stand on the edge of the coin to listen, to understand, and to make the personal choice to move towards antiracism for the good of all in the nation.

Part 2: Cultivating Change from the Inside Out
Cultivating Change from the Inside Out is based on the premise that dismantling racism is an inside job. In Part 2 Anita asks a series of questions that are designed to spark personal accountability in the journey toward antiracism. Her questions are based on two fundamental beliefs that she holds. First, she believes the greatest challenge our nation faces today is the need to dismantle racism. Second, that dismantling racism is both a systemic and an individual effort. While many are seeking a unified path forward we must recognize that real change must also emerge from the hearts, minds, and beliefs of individual people.


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