Raise Spiritual Awareness by Revolutionizing the Perspective of Coincidence


Emily Rodavich, author of Mystical Interludes I and II

7:00 pm 9:00 pm

East End Cooperative Ministry

6140 Station Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Everybody experiences mystical events...

As a near-death experiencer, Emily Rodavich has had many meaningful coincidences. These phenomena are generally underrated in society (brushed off as coincidence), but like NDEs, they boggle our minds, disrupt our reality, and clash with our beliefs. Not everybody can relate to an NDE, but coincidences happen to everybody regardless of socio-economic background. These experiences offer potential for initiating grassroots spiritual awareness and growth. But first, the concept of coincidence must be denormalized and reframed as spiritual phenomena. Use of the term Mystical Interludes upgrades coincidences from the commonplace to where they belong — in the family of profound extraordinary events.

Emily believes that everybody experiences mystical events and that if we are to save ourselves from destruction in this rapidly changing world, rife with division, conflict, and the impending destruction of our planet, we must reach for higher ground and encourage others to do the same. This might require us to change our way of thinking and our way of being.

During this interactive presentation, Emily will suggest ways to rise to your own higher ground by asking key questions about the differences between what we have been taught and what we know. Emily believes that insights to these differences can be found within each of us.

As a very young child Emily Rodavich began asking the big questions, Why am I here? What’s the purpose of life? By age 10, she experienced God/Higher Power/Universe through tearful prayers. She became consumed with gratitude and was able to forgive and also love the abusive aunt with whom she had lived for many months. At age eighteen, she had a near death experience which opened her to many mystical experiences throughout her life. Fearing ridicule, she kept silent about her NDE and most of her experiences. It wasn’t until late 2014 when Emily realized the immeasurable benefits of thinking, talking and writing about them.

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