Food for the Soul


Share a simple meal with intimate conversation.

12 pm - 2pm

Green Heiress Building 2

1150 Freeport Rd, Pgh, PA. 15238

Sponsored by OMA

Please purchase tickets in advance to guarantee a reservation.

What Does Spirituality Mean to You?

Spirituality means different things to different people.  What do you think it means to be spiritually connected? How does it matter? Where do you feel you are with spirituality or are you just beginning to be curious about the conversation around the subject of spirituality?  Perhaps you are interested in engaging in conversation regarding your unique spiritual journey?  Or maybe you have an interest in developing a spiritual path and would like to discuss it (or just listen) with other like-minded individuals.

If any of the above interests you, come join Food for the Soul to share a simple meal (vegan and gluten-free) with intimate conversation, in a nonjudgmental small group environment, as we discover a deeper connection and gain understanding of topics related to Mind, Body and Spirit.

Food for the Soul, a regular initiative for OMA, is designed to give the participants an opportunity to share in a simple meal of soup and bread (served vegan and gluten-free) as well as discussions regarding introspection and ideas on various subjects related to Mind, Body and Spirit. Small groups of individuals will convene around a table and will be led by OMA members.

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