Recognizing Your Child’s Spiritual Gifts


Presented by Emily Pompei, Medical Intuitive

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

LOCATION: Green Heiress Building 2

1150 Freeport Rd, Pgh, PA. 15238

Sponsored by OMA Center for Mind, Body and Spirit



Are your children seeing Angels?
Are they telling you what you are thinking?
Are they seeing physical ailments in your body?
Can they predict the future?

If so, according to Medical Intuitive, Emily Pompei, your child has some very powerful gifts! Emily believes that a child’s gifts start from the pre-verbal stage and can continue into adulthood.

This presentation is a “Parents’ Guide" to help you understand and develop your own child’s gifts and to also understand where these gifts came from. Come enjoy a casual soup-&-salad lunch while we listen, learn and ask questions!

Emily Pompei is a registered and certified Medical Intuitive and has been working within the angelic and spiritual realm since she was 3 years old. She specializes in clearing the energetic, spiritual and auric fields through deep, channeled mediation.

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