Giving a Voice to Our Animals


With Animal Communicator, Spiritual Teacher & Channel, Sheryl Blumenthal

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Green Heiress Building 2, Studio

1150 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Sponsored by OMA

PRICE: $20


Our pets do have something to say. So what they are thinking and feeling? They have their own thoughts, fears and phobias too. These feelings often go unnoticed, ignored and can become more serious without our awareness.

Sheryl Blumenthal’s gifts allow a voice to be given to our precious animals. When they are given a chance to speak and be understood, they certainly will become happier and healthier. And we are happier as our human bond with animals becomes greater.

Join us for this fascinating presentation on human-animal bonding and learn how to better understand our dear fur (and not fur!) babies.

Bring a photo of your pet if you like. Sheryl may be guided to call upon some audience members to deliver messages from the Angels in the interest of their pets.

To learn more about Sheryl’s work with the animals, and her new book, please visit


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