Medical Intuition & How to Heal (In-Person & Virtual Event)


Presented by Amy Hamilton

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm THURSDAY. Doors open 6:45 pm.

WHERE: Unity Center of Pittsburgh

5343 Kincaid Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

THIS EVENT WILL ALSO BE BROADCAST LIVE ON ZOOM (and recorded for later viewing)

COST: Early Bird $17.50
Regular $20, Door $25

If you cannot afford a ticket, we offer scholarship assistance. Click Here for more information.

Medical intuition is a practice that involves the use of intuitive abilities to diagnose and treat health issues. Medical intuitives are individuals who claim to possess these intuitive abilities and use them to help people heal. Medical intuition may provide many with a sense of empowerment and control over their health. By offering insights and guidance on the emotional or energetic factors that may be contributing to their health issues, medical intuitives may help individuals feel more proactive in addressing these issues.

Join us as we explore Medical Intuition and How To Heal with Amy Hamilton as she discusses:

  • A 4-part framework for understanding health and how to heal
  • How a Medical Intuitive works  
  • How to tap into your intuition to help you heal

This is a live event being held at the Unity Center of Pittsburgh (5343 Kincaid St, Pittsburgh, PA 15224) and is also being livestreamed virtually via Zoom Webinar.

About Amy Hamilton

Life is filled with so many questions and we are all seeking clarity.   Amy Hamilton can help provide those answers and guidance.  

Working as a Psychic, Medium, and Medical Intuitive since 2010, Amy has provided countless people across the world with direction and clarity in their lives.  She is able to tap into her gifts and your guides to provide answers about your deepest questions and concerns in your life. 

All of 5’1” Amy looks, sounds and acts like what she is – a sports mom with an MBA from Carnegie Mellon and a 20-year corporate career with a special gift.  She provides insight and advice in a swift, impactful way.

In addition, Amy serves as a Business Advisor to the Extraordinary Lives Foundation, is a reader at the Dallas Psychic Fair and the Tarrant County Holistic Fair, and is a wife and mom to 2 wonderful boys.    Amy resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area and serves her clients by Zoom, phone, WhatsApp and in-person appointments. 

You can find more information at or on Instagram or Facebook @amyhamiltonhelps

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