Sacred Energy Technology of The Full Moon Taijiquan (3 Part Series/Hybrid)


Join OMA for this unique exploration of esoteric wisdom through an Ascended Masters Mystery School series with Sifu Eric Randolph.

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Doors open 6:45 pm.

WHERE: Unity Center of Pittsburgh

5343 Kincaid Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

THIS EVENT WILL ALSO BE BROADCAST LIVE ON ZOOM (and recorded for later viewing)

COST: $50 to $150 (click Buy Tickets for options)

Next Sessions: Tuesday April 23rd, Thursday May 23rd

If you cannot afford a ticket, we offer scholarship assistance. Click for more information.

Join us for a deeper dive into Sifu Eric Randolph’s esoteric wisdom on consciousness, sacred geometry, planetary movement, and alchemy, as he uses the alignment of the full moon to facilitate total connection with the astral plane and use channelled insights for activations and Tai Chi movements to aid you in your spiritual transformation.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get up close and personal with a great Tai Chi master of our time. Sifu Eric Randolph will discuss the physics of Tai Chi and how it can facilitate the Law of Attraction. He will explain its true purpose, which can help heal and transform our mental, emotional and physical states.

Through his years of teaching and perfecting his practice, Sifu Eric Randolph began to realize the health benefits of the art, for himself and others. While watching people embrace the most beautiful aspects of themselves, turning their despair and illness into transformation, Master Eric derived a powerful healing formula that he now offers to those who quest relief from chronic illness.

Taijiquan, commonly known as Tai Chi, is a meditative integrative learning system of universal physics which specializes in the ability to absolve all opposites so one can become one with the source to consciously perpetuate the advanced evolution of the human experience.

This is a live event being held at the Unity Center of Pittsburgh (5343 Kincaid St, Pittsburgh, PA 15224) and is also being livestreamed virtually via Zoom Webinar.

Each event will be on the evening of the Full Moon on the following dates:
Monday, March 25th * Tuesday, April 23rd * Thursday, May 23rd

All registered participants will receive the Zoom information, as well as a replay of the live broadcast within 48 hours of the end of the event.

About Sifu Eric Randolph

2023 Hall Of Fame Inductee Senior Master of The ICMAC International Chinese Martial Arts Confederation has taught Tai Chi through the Yang Family style 108 over 30yrs. 20 - 25yrs Gold medalists with his school Head Master of The Way Of Chi School of Internal Integrated Medicine and Esoteric Martial Arts and Transcendental Studies. He has taught and lectured at the collegiate level at Pittsburgh University, Carnegie Mellon, as well as taught and lectured at Forbes Metropolitan Hospital, taught at Washington D.C Integrated Medicine, and facilities with Dr. Ilana Seidel, Deloitte and Associates, and many more. His specialty is in Healing Chronic Illness and The practical practice and study of Immortality.

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One thought on “Sacred Energy Technology of The Full Moon Taijiquan (3 Part Series/Hybrid)

  • Sifu Eric

    If Monday during the eclipse is your time of birth then do the movements I gave you during the last lecture at your time of birth. Open the gate and see what happens. This will be especially powerful for those of you who are naturally born on a Monday and even more powerful if you were born on a Monday during an eclipse or the same place of the moon.