Tap & Talk with Lisa Buford (Virtual Only)


Improve your physical, mental and emotional health by using EFT presented by Eden Energy Medicine founding faculty member, Lisa Buford

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

Zoom Meeting (Virtual Only)

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You can improve your physical, mental and emotional health by learning and consistently applying Emotional Freedom Technique.  EFT has been clinically proven to be 80% effective in treating trauma, stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, grief and addictive cravings.  Presently it is being used to treat PTSD in Veteran Hospitals and by practitioners worldwide. 

We invite you to join in for this interactive Zoom event on the amazing benefits of talking and tapping.  Workshop leader Lisa Buford has been ‘talking and tapping’ since 1999.  Combining Gary Craig’s acupressure-tapping technique with Dr. David Smith’s Chinese-style acupressure-tapping she will present an easy, user friendly, simple and effective tool.  

A replay will be provided to each registered participant within 48 hours of the original broadcast.


About Lisa Buford

Lisa Buford is an Eden Energy Medicine founding faculty member, teaches Fundamentals, Years 2, 3 and 4 and is an Advanced Practitioner. She has been in private practice for nearly 25 years.  Additionally, Lisa is certified as an Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and is a licensed Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant.  Lisa has been published in Energy Medicine and Brain Gym journals, has presented twice at IGEEM, been a keynote speaker for Headstart and has been interviewed multiple times. She comes with passion, skill, wisdom and humor. Lisa loves to teach, mentor and work with clients, meeting people where they are so they can be empowered and inspired to move toward what they want and Learn to Thrive!


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2 thoughts on “Tap & Talk with Lisa Buford (Virtual Only)

  • Dr Karla McNamara

    Sounds like you are offering a valuable and fun experience. You may remember me from years ago when I completed Donna’s program and she suggested that I join the team. But at the time I still had a bunch of work commitments and a private practice in Chicago. I have chosen a few of my favorite routines and share them with family and friends. Tough, I find that most folks use them randomly which is of course is better than not at all.

    Donna and Einstein both agree that “energy is all there is”. Please let me know sometime how your program works out. And I would be glad to add some thoughts and suggestions.

    Best wishes,
    Karla McNamara

    • Gail Hunter

      Hi Karla
      It is so wonderful to hear form you! I do remember you. If you would ever like to offer your expertise for our Lecture /Event Series please let me know. We can do virtual, in person or a hybrid.

      I hope all is well with you and your family.