Trauma-Informed Care Training: Creating Just and Compassionate Spaces with Youth, Families, and Communities


Trauma-Informed Care and Training for All

9:00 am EDT - 12:30 pm EDT

Zoom Event

$55 Registration

CEUs available for licensed social workers, professional counselors, and marriage/family therapists. Act 48 hours available.
OMA provides scholarship assistance for those who cannot afford to pay the course fee in full. We have a limited number of discounts available. Please email for information or to request assistance.

Join OMA Pittsburgh to explore what trauma-informed care looks like, how it involves self-reflection about one's own emotional triggers, and why it must specifically create communities of belonging. This event is for educators, therapists, parents, caregivers, camp counselors, teen leaders and anyone interested in learning more about supporting themselves and youth on a healing journey. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Presenters & Topics

Callie Gropp--Welcome
Gail Hunter--Overview of Trauma, ACEs and Trauma-Informed Training
Mark Williams--Restorative Justice Circles
Robin Clarke--Trauma-Informed Care is Self Care
Anita Russell--Why Trauma-Informed Care Must be Explicitly Anti-Racist
Johanna Burnett and Oliver Burnett--Trauma-Informed Care for Trans and Gender-Diverse Individuals
Treble NLS, 1Hood Media--The Chakra System and Healthy Bonding
Leza Vivio--Trauma and Chronic Stress: Encouraging the Relaxation Response
Mai Nguyen--Judgement and Hate as a Trauma Response and the Pathway to Compassion

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Trauma-Informed Care is a "framework of thinking and interventions that are directed by a thorough understanding of the profound neurological, biological, psychological, and social effects trauma has on an individual—recognizing that person’s constant interdependent needs for safety, connections, and ways to manage emotions/impulses." --Crisis Intervention Institute

Children’s Mandate: If you don’t think what I think, feel what I feel, experience what I experience, and see what I see when I look at myself, others and the world around me, how can you possibly know what is best for me?

Trauma-Informed Training provides knowledge and applicable holistic skills that can be used with a diverse population of children, youth, adults, families and the elderly. This training gives alternative options for healing, growth and the ability to thrive in one’s life, family and community. The goals of such training are to:

  • Develop greater awareness of the needs that exist for healthy youth development and for communities where all can thrive.
  • Act as a bridge for connecting educators, community organizations, families, and professionals across the generations and the healthcare spectrum.

Join us for this timely event. Register above. All are welcome! 

OMA strives to make our events accessible and affordable to all. OMA provides scholarship assistance for those who cannot afford to pay the course fee in full. We have a limited number of discounts available for this event. Please email for more information or to request assistance or discounts.

Video Resources

We have assembled a number of relevant videos on trauma-informed care and trauma related topics. Please visit our Art in the Garden page and scroll down to browse these videos and related links. We hope you find them beneficial.

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