You are Ascending


A path of spiritual growth, presented by Vince Lisi

7:00 pm 8:00 pm

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Spiritual ascension is a magical awakening of your soul into a higher level of consciousness. It is a vibrational frequency that generates positive energy and light. It unleashes your innate powers and wisdom.

We believe that this foundational experience can change the world by:
1) Releasing any residual self-created suffering,
2) Helping people to be their absolute best Self of enlightened consciousness, and
3) Raising the consciousness of the planet as part of the Universal Life Force.

We ask you to join us to help the world evolve by acknowledging your own Goodness, and by helping others to acknowledge theirs.

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Join Vince Lisi and OMA’s spiritual community to learn about Spiritual Ascension. Vince will begin with what Ascension is, then proceed with the steps on the path to Ascension. In being true to yourself and creating "new experiences" that come with daily Ascension practices, you can transcend old limiting, habits, mindsets and ways of being, in order to achieve spiritual growth.

Vince Lisi is the principal teacher and program director of Now Creations! whose sole and "soul" purpose is to help people see the "Good" that is truly within them... 

Vince teaches people how to meditate, does one-to-one Spiritual direction, and is a gifted spiritual counselor. Vince is a very inspirational speaker and often gives professional seminars.

More details about Vince

Although Vince is the principal "vehicle of teaching" of Now Creations, the real teacher is the Spirit of Truth that resides in each of us. Vince has Master degrees in Philosophy from the Catholic University of America (Washington D.C.) and in Theology from the Athenaeum of Ohio (Cincinnati, Ohio). He has served in many roles including chaplain in the spiritual care department of St. Elizabeth Hospital Medical Center and spiritual counselor for men in prison.

Vince conducts weekly study groups in Youngstown, Ashtabula, Akron/Medina, Ohio, and monthly groups in Indianapolis, Indiana, Columbus, Ohio, and Lewisburg, and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania at the Unity Center of Pittsburgh (currently through the Now Creations online classroom via Zoom). Vince teaches people how to meditate, offers one-to-one Spiritual direction, and as an inspirational speaker, he frequently gives professional seminars. He is available for any personal need, and welcomes you to contact him at

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4 thoughts on “You are Ascending

    • Gail Hunter

      I believe we each vibrate at our own unique frequency which can and is always changing depending on where we are on our own transformation and ascension process. I also believe that we are also connected collectively to each other in vibrational accord and frequency. The more we come from a place of love and peace the more we raise our own vibrational frequency and that of the collective. Upon death we all vibrate at a higher frequency, no longer needing this human form, to join the divine /Creator energy/frequency/realm.

      We are all truly souls in a human experience on a path of ascension. The work is not to become the divine soul within but to remember the divine soul we have always been in this human form. the more we are being the more we increase our own vibrational frequency.

  • Janet Ann Begg

    Gail and All. I just listened to Vince Lisi lecture and it was wonderful. I think I would like him to speak. What I gift tonight was.
    Thank you all for setting this up. To think about we are all evolving souls was great to hear due to having to deal with my mother more towards the end stage of her life at the present time. Sincerely, Janet

    • Gail Hunter

      Hi Janet
      I’m glad you enjoyed Vince’s talk. his name is Vince Lisi and you can go to his website to contact him. We are all evolving souls at various places on our journey trying to remember the truth of who we are and who we came her to be in all the experiences we have accumulated. always evolving, healing and growing towards the ascension Vince was describing.
      I know how difficult it must be to deal with your mother given the reality of your life experience with her. Come from love for yourself in the work you are doing and you may find more compassion and acceptance of what was never about you and even in this phase of her life setting boundaries as Vince said is important.
      Love & Blessings to you, Gail