Online Retreat in Egypt with Dana Micucci

Portal to Paradise – May 2020

Dear Friends,

What we call the “past” and “future” appears to be merging more and more with the Present, as we pass through a long-awaited gateway to the other side of the dissolving polarity paradigm.

With the refreshing burst of springtime, a renewed hope is blossoming, luring us forward ever so delicately and with great anticipation of what is yet to be born. We have a powerful opportunity, now, to reclaim our Mastery, answering only to our own inner authority in direct connection with Source.

With self-mastery comes the alignment of a pure heart and clear mind in complete surrender to the higher guiding force that is always conspiring on our behalf. Releasing all non-beneficial thoughts, discordant emotions, and the last traces of unworthiness, we arrive at the moment of our “coronation,” should we choose to accept it. (And how could we have anticipated that a pathogen named corona—meaning “crown”—would be the catalyst?)

This coronation is the crowning glory of many years, lifetimes, of hard-won gains on the inner planes, as we move beyond the habitual patterns of repetition and forgetfulness that kept us playing small. The New Human-New Earth template continues to anchor into the physical realm despite the current global situation, and nothing can stop it. Nothing can stop us from embodying the Perfection of who we are and have always been—bringers of Light, ambassadors of Love, united as One in the Infinite I AM…

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