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Your Third Eye, located between your physical eyes in the middle of your forehead, is often referred to as the ‘chakra of wisdom.’ As you grow and develop, this chakra becomes activated. As it does so, your intuitive gifts begin to show themselves. You also develop discernment and the ability […]

“Empower Your Third Eye” with Bonnie Hassan

Have you ever been intrigued by the spiritual or energy experiences that other individuals have shared whether as a receiver or healer? Have you experienced or felt as if you have received extraordinary spiritual guidance but were afraid to share this with others? Have you been very open with others […]

Food for the Soul

Michael Williams came from New York City’s Foster Care System and discovered that he was known by a different name and separate family from the one he had always known. What began as Foster Care Placement led to a Closed Adoption which concealed a significant chapter of his life. This […]

“Drawn From Troubled Waters” by Michael Williams

Date: May 3rd – 4thTime: 10 am – 6 pm each dayEarly Bird Price for OMA: $250 (Regular Price: $280)Register Now Reality speaks to us in many ways. Cards and other tools of Divination contain symbols that create a resonance which allows us to read the messages inherent within them. […]

DIVINATION (2-day Mystery School Workshop)

The first of four community-based conversations facilitated by Two community-based organizations are coming together to dosomething BIG – build community, inspire change and give back.Please join us for the first of four community-based conversations facilitated by These conversations are designed to interrupt the normalization of trauma in schools, […]

“Unity in the Community: We Are Not Alone”

Ready to gain better health and transcend patterns of suffering? This will be a brief lecture followed by a demonstration and group flow practice for those who would like to try it, then Q&A. The practice is not required if you want to just watch. Join Dr. Susan Amorose in […]

BRING DOWN THE HEAVENS! QiGong, Yin Yang, 5 Elements & ...