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Date: May 3rd – 4thTime: 10 am – 6 pm each dayEarly Bird Price for OMA: $250 (Regular Price: $280)Register Now Reality speaks to us in many ways. Cards and other tools of Divination contain symbols that create a resonance which allows us to read the messages inherent within them. […]

DIVINATION (2-day Mystery School Workshop)

The first of four community-based conversations facilitated by Two community-based organizations are coming together to dosomething BIG – build community, inspire change and give back.Please join us for the first of four community-based conversations facilitated by These conversations are designed to interrupt the normalization of trauma in schools, […]

“Unity in the Community: We Are Not Alone”

Ready to gain better health and transcend patterns of suffering? This will be a brief lecture followed by a demonstration and group flow practice for those who would like to try it, then Q&A. The practice is not required if you want to just watch. Join Dr. Susan Amorose in […]

BRING DOWN THE HEAVENS! QiGong, Yin Yang, 5 Elements & ...

Discover the depth of the Akashic Records where answers and insights can be found that are tailored to your needs. Stephanie Charles will discuss how accessing the Akashic Records can bring clarity and a deeper understanding to any situation in your life that always incorporates real suggestions and tools to […]

Discover the Depth of the Akashic Records

The notion that there is a subtle energy field around the human body that exists beyond normal human perception can be found in many ancient cultures. What is this undiscovered energy? Many describe it as a field that has a higher frequency or vibration than normal physical matter, where a […]

Accessing the Mysteries of Your Hologram

PURCHASE TICKETS online Tickets can also be purchased at Journeys of Life in Shadyside, either at their store in person or by phone. They are located at 810 Bellefonte Street, Pgh, PA. 15232 and the store phone number is 412.681.8755. * SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE * ABOUT THE EVENTThe times in which […]

Marianne Williamson: Love America Tour