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Dates: Thursday January 30th – Friday January 31stTimes: 10 am to 6 pm with 1 hour break, both […]

Inner Answers (Level 1)

Price $10, GET TICKETS OMA’s first Food for the Soul of 2020 will be held on Thursday […]

Food for the Soul

Dates: SATURDAY November 9th – SUNDAY November 10thTimes: 10 am to 6 pm with 1 hour break, both […]

Spiritual Physics

Living in harmony with our true nature as spirit… Ayurveda, which literally means “The Science of Life,” is […]

Ayurveda in the 21st Century

When we say “I DO” we are making a choice, a commitment to cherish the person standing before […]

Say I Do to You!

Around the world, spiritually minded people are responding to The Call… People who are guided by their souls […]

The Spiritual Call