Making Room for Spirit with Bonnie Hassan – Reiki Master, Medium, Psychic & Psychotherapist



7:00pm Lecture begins. Doors open at 6:15pm for light reception (wine BYOB and also provided by OMA)

2312 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15215 (immediately near the Highland Park Bridge) REAR ENTRANCE


Release and Receive

Spirit is very willing to give us everything we need…as long as we have the space for it!

So if you’re not quite as much in the flow of abundance, prosperity, joy, love, peace and all things good as you might like to be, perhaps it’s because something else is filling the space where those things would like to reside.  What do you need to release so you can receive?

Join us for an opportunity to release whatever is keeping you from receiving and to receive whatever you need once you’ve created a space for it!  We’ll allow Spirit to work with us during a guided meditation as the Reiki energies further empower your meditative journey.  Once the meditation is complete, Spirit will deepen your experience during a group Reiki circle with messages from your guides and angels, and soul messages that will speak directly to your soul in a language only your soul understands.

The vibrations of drums and rattles will further empower the Reiki energies to provide a whole-body experience that may rock your foundation and bring new zest to your life experience. Nature abhors a vacuum:  Make a space and see what you receive in return!

Bonnie Hassan first experienced God’s direct intervention in her life when a prayer uttered in church wasanswered in an amazing way just a few short hours later. Since that time, Bonnie’s journey has been directed by Divine Guidance in many ways, from the opening of a private healing practice in 2003 to a 14,000 mile solo road trip to Alaska and back. With a Master’s Degree in Social Work, a B.S. in Human Resource Management, and fifteen years experience practicing and teaching Reiki, Bonnie travels around the United States providing unique and powerful healing sessions for both groups and individuals. Bonnie believes that in order to see change in the world, we first have to change/heal ourselves.  Previously from Pittsburgh, PA, Bonnie currently lives in Nashville, TN so she can enjoy being close to her family. 

To learn more about Bonnie, please visit her website, or by phone at 412-277-0755 or by email at

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  • Dina Ponas

    Hi, I shared this event with my bible study group. There are 9 of us that cant wait to attend. Can you accommodate 9 more? is there a group discount?