Emily Pompei – Medical Intuitive


7:00pm Lecture begins. Doors open at 6:15pm for light reception (wine BYOB and also provided by OMA)

2312 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15215 (immediately near the Highland Park Bridge) REAR ENTRANCE


Opening Your Body to Complete Mind-Body Healing

Emily Pompei has had the ability to see spirit guides, angels, angelic presence (God energy) and those who have passed to the other side from the very young age of 3 years old.  With the assistance of her clients’ spirit guides and divine beings she has found that together they are able to “decrease and even eliminate the point of pain, illness or toxic, incongruent, generational links.”

“I see toxic blocks in body tissue, whatever that block is I can see it.  It may be memory or trauma or generational.  With the help of my guides, angels, entities and loved ones on the other side WE are able to move out old stagnant pain and blockages that inhibit the spirit to grow and move to a higher level.

There are many layers of genetic past life “DNA” that we carry with us.  Our goal is to release fear, pain and suffering in the human body in whatever way possible so that the spirit can rest comfortably at its own ‘peace.’ “   

We hope you can join us for this fascinating conversation! 

Emily Pompei has been a healer and a light worker for over 25 years.  Through many years of working with hundreds of clients she has accurately evaluated and treated physical and emotional illnesses and through the channeling of Spirit brought the body back into full alignment for optimal health benefits.  For years she kept her gifts very well hidden. Now, in a much more open world she is able to use her gifts to help people who want to heal.  To learn more about Emily, please visit her website at www.epmi1.com.

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4 thoughts on “Emily Pompei – Medical Intuitive

  • sharda

    Difficulty submitting request for scholarship for 10/6
    Please confirm receipt. I am bringing a friend and have been promoting the events
    I am bringing girls PJs
    Thank you and continued blessings on OMA mission Gail.

    • Maureen Oehrle Post author

      Hi Sharda,
      Thank you so much for your interest in our event! We will add your name to our complimentary guest list.
      See you tomorrow!