A Group Session for Balance and Peace


A special online event conducted by Irina Grundler

7:30 pm

See the recorded video for this event at pathtoawakening.net

Ancient wisdom teaches us that “when you can’t change a situation, you can change your attitude towards it”. This will open up possibilities to see the positive side in any situation that appears negative.

You are invited to join Irina Grundler and OMA's spiritual community for a free energy session, the goal of which is to create balance, peace, love and support, which is so much needed in everyone’s life right now. This session is one of the phases on the EMF Balancing Technique® that Irina teaches.

Ask yourself: How are you currently using your energy? Are you using it to generate worry, anger and frustration? Or are you using your energy to create peace, joy and positive solutions to every day challenges? Are you ready to consciously organize and focus your energy and strengthen your ability to make wise choices in your life? I hope your answer is YES! 

Please join us:
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PLEASE NOTE: The number of participants for this event is limited to 100. Your registration will not guarantee access to this event as access is first come, first served.


About Irina Grundler
Irina's journey toward spiritual awakening began more than 25 years ago and since that time she has engaged in holistic energy practices and specialized in th EMF Balancing Technique®. She offers her wisdom and expertise through classes, lectures and workshops throughout the Pittsburgh area. Irina successfully divides her time between family, spiritual practice, a real estate business and playing in the Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra. 

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